It’s finally YOUR time to take the mystery out of fertility and master the mind-body approach to getting pregnant.

You’re probably telling yourself every damn day…

“What’s wrong with me?”

“I’ve been able to create so many amazing things in my life. A great relationship and a solid career. But making a baby is the ONE thing I haven’t been able to make happen.”

Up until this point, your hard work has gotten you far in life. So why isn’t this same amount of productivity, work ethic and crossed out to-do list’s working in the area that you want it to work the MOST?

“It’s all my fault.”

“I’ve spent $1000’s on special diets and OPK’s, and $10,000+ on IUI’s and IVF’s and still not pregnant. What gives??!!”

You feel embarrassed at how much you’ve spent to get pregnant, with no ROI. You don’t regret doing it but hoped that by THIS point, all of the sacrifices that you’ve made and the hope that you had, would have amounted to something by now.

“I’m feeling SO MUCH pressure.”

“I want to let go and trust the process, but seriously…HOW?”

You see all these success stories of couples who “stop trying” and miraculous get pregnant, but how is this even possible? Where would you even start? What does this even fucking feel like?

And through it all—you can’t help but feel solely responsible that it hasn’t happened yet.

Like it’s all your fault and that you must not be doing enough.

YOU are not the problem, mama-bear.

The problem is the way you’ve been conditioned to THINK.

You’ve been trying to do everything “right” according to the fertility industry. You’re trying to get your hormones, basal body temperature, and diet as close to perfect as humanly possible – in hopes that THIS is what will finally create those 2 pink lines.

What’s the result of this kind of thinking?

It makes you believe and truly feel like you and your body are not enough now. And that the only thing that will prove that you’ve done enough and are worthy of this baby, is if you get pregnant.

And if this attempt at as-close-to-perfect-as-possible is what our culture and the fertility industry has convinced you is the solution, then you:

1. Put your life on hold and don’t enjoy it now, because you believe the solution lies in your future.

2. Feel more desperate and attached to getting pregnant.

3. Blame yourself and your body.

This thinking creates a disconnect between your mind and body, even though you think you’re being productive.

Remember, this is not your fault. This is just the way that women have been conditioned to think.

You are not broken. You are not defective.
You’ve done nothing wrong.

Can you take a moment to let that sink in?

The craziest thing, is that you can’t even tell that this is happening behind the scenes.

Because your fertility story - how long you’ve been trying, your age and what doctors have told you - has completely consumed your mind and your identity.

I spent YEARS stuck in this vicious TTC cycle.

It felt like a trigger was waiting for me around every corner to remind me about my inability to conceive.

Feeling triggered when:

It was exhausting. There came a point when I was mentally and physically DONE with trying to control everything and DONE with feeling the pressure to make it happen.

I had created and repeated a story to myself over and over again until it was almost impossible for my mind and my body to believe that it could happen.

It was at that exact moment that I realized that the reason I was suffering so hard wasn’t because of the circumstance of “not being able to get pregnant.”

But because I was waiting for the arrival of my baby to prove and validate that I was finally enough—instead of believing it to be true, now.

When I recognized that my beliefs were powerful enough to make me feel powerless—I realized that I could also use them to take my power BACK and gain a healthy sense of control over the journey (and my life).

The key to ending this identity of “infertile” and actually creating change instead of trying to “force” or “prove” it — was strengthening my mind-body connection by learning how to change my thoughts and feel worthy of a beautiful life NOW…

Not just when I get pregnant.

Just IMAGINE what it will feel like…

…being so up in your beautiful life that you actually forget what day of your cycle it is.

You freely make love with your partner, you drink a fresh margarita without guilt for the first time in YEARS, and your connection to the Universe makes you feel like you can finally let go and trust the process.

Even though you’re not pregnant and still very much want to have a baby, you’ve reached a state in which you finally feel worthy to be happy now.

You’re so distracted by the pleasure-filled and purposeful life that you’ve created, that it takes you a few days to realize that your periods late.

So you grab an old pregnancy test in the back of the closet and wait a couple of minutes to see it light up like a Christmas tree 🎄

This is exactly what happened to me.

Years trying? 8.

IVF? Been there.

Miscarriage? Been there too.

Throughout my fertility journey, I became a Certified Life Coach to show you EXACTLY how your mind can support your body to get pregnant.

I’ve helped 100’s of women get pregnant and/or live incredible lives ever since.

Today, I know exactly what it takes to get your mind and body on board so that you can get your baby on board. 

Sound too good to be true?

Hang tight. I’m about to show you exactly how it works…

But first, check out what women are saying about my unique mind-body process:

“You helped me realize that I was subconsciously self-sabotaging my chances every month. Keep up the wonderful things you are doing for women all over the world. I just found out I’m pregnant!”

— Melissa M.

“You helped me realize that I was subconsciously self-sabotaging my chances every month.”

“Before joining FMBM I was feeling extremely isolated on our fertility journey. I had experienced several consecutive losses with no real answers. I decided to join to have a sense of community during such an isolating time. It was the best decision I had made along our fertility journey at that point. I feel the biggest transformation for me was allowing myself to feel all the feelings and Spenser and this community helped validate them. Instead of just jumping into “what’s next” I actually sat in the grief and worked through really tough moments while utilizing the tools Spenser provided during the program. Talking questions out with Spenser during calls I had so many “light bulb” moments and I truly can’t thank her enough.

Don’t hesitate, jump right in, I promise it’s worth it. The tools will help you with so many scenarios throughout life. You won’t be the same person leaving the program as you were when you walked in. I promise you will be a better version of yourself!”

— Amy F.

“Don’t hesitate, jump right in, I promise it’s worth it. The tools will help you with so many scenarios throughout life. You won’t be the same person leaving the program as you were when you walked in. I promise you will be a better version of yourself!”

Right now, you believe that restricting your diet, your lifestyle and trying to get things as close to perfect as possible, will finally make you worthy of your baby.

I’m here to tell you:

This is absolutely NOT the case, and that this limiting belief is the biggest roadblock stopping you from getting pregnant and having a happy, healthy baby.

There is a way to feel confident, increase your fertility and become pregnant, without losing yourself and getting lost in the impossible standards of perfection.

It is an empowering, life-altering experience…meaning the path to creation does not involve limiting, shrinking or diminishing.

It’s begins by EXPANDING using my fail-proof 3-part Fertility Framework.

This unique mind-body process that I created for you is simple, incredibly effective and easy to apply to your life—no matter where you are or what you’ve through.

When you apply to Fertility Mind-Body Mastery, you’ll receive an invitation to a free private training where I teach you exactly how to use this powerful framework.

I know your hands are tired of holding onto this goal with every ounce of strength you have.

What would it feel like if you could loosen your grip around NEEDING to get pregnant? 

And transform that need into a happy, healthy desire?

If this is exactly what your heart is craving right now, then I’d like to introduce to a proven and truly liberating approach to creating your baby…

Shift your entire fertility journey inside of…

Fertility Mind-Body Mastery

Your holistic sanctuary to master your mind and finally make your miracle.

Fertility Mindset Mastery is a 6-month group coaching program to help you gain a healthy sense of control over your mind, have confidence in your body and open your heart up to getting pregnant.

This is the only place to get complete access to my unique mind-body process to getting pregnant.

This is how Fertility Mind-Body Mastery changes everything:



Can you feel the difference?

The Power of the Fertility Framework:

“The fertility journey felt scary because I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to have a baby or not, and life felt too busy.

Well I definitely made progress on my fertility journey because I am pregnant! But more than that, I became more comfortable with uncertainty, receiving, and surrender, so that I’m able to enjoy the pregnancy more despite the times when I feel nervous. I also feel more at peace in the rest of my life. I learned to navigate my perfectionism and anxiety and start developing my worthiness from inside rather than by constantly trying to compete and prove myself.

I can honestly say this was one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done. It helped me with so many aspects of my life, not just my fertility. I am leaving the program pregnant (and I do believe the program helped me get here), but I was already happier and more at peace in my life even before the pregnancy happened.

— Tammy P.

“Well I definitely made progress on my fertility journey because I am pregnant!

“...were waiting for my period to come so that I could start with the treatment, but for the first time didn’t show up. I’m now 6 weeks pregnant.

 “I had spent more than a year compulsively researching and trying everything on earth to “make it happen”, until my body suddenly begged me to stop. I somehow felt there was more to what was happening to me, I stopped asking “why” and started to wonder “what for”..?

I joined the program right when I felt ready to soak it in. It cracked my heart wide open and nothing but love, growth and absolute self-compassion came out of it.

We had decided we would try our first round of IVF this October and were waiting for my period to come so that I could start with the treatment, but for the first time ever… it didn’t show up. I’m now 6 weeks pregnant.

I cannot find the words to thank you Spenser Brassard for shining the light and providing the most amazing soundtrack for my journey. The truth is, despite the ups and downs, I fell in love with this process way before I saw my two pink lines.”

— Bea E.

“When I found Spenser, I had just miscarried at 8 weeks after an IIVF transfer. It was such an unbelievably difficult time. I’m an OBGYN physician in my 40’s and Spenser’s coaching was life-changing. She is amazing at what she does and it took a lot of energy and time to get out of my medical mindset.

I can’t say enough about how much her sessions and coaching have been life-changing not just on this fertility journey, but in life in general. I write this on the eve of my induction day at 38 weeks pregnant. I have every risk factor for several complications in pregnancy and I have not developed one. I am still amazed at how the universe is working with me.

Mamas, if you’re thinking about joining Spenser’s program, I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Spenser for the special work you do.”

— Cindy A.

Board Certified OBGYN Physician in New Jersey

“Her sessions and coaching have been life-changing not just on this fertility journey, but in life in general.”

This program is such a worth while investment for your whole life. If Spenser's Podcast resonates with you, it is right for you.”

I was obsessed with finding out what was wrong with me. I was convinced that it was my fault we weren’t pregnant, and I lived with so much guilt and shame. My journey was really painful, constant dissapointment an loss with no explanation. I finally joined when I realized what I was doing wasn’t working, I wanted another way and I needed help.

I made so much progress with perfectionism and restriction. I healed my relationship with myself, God, and my husband. I have so many tools now to be an amazing Mom and I have so much more confidence in myself and my intuition. I am able to listen to my body on a much deeper level and have such an appreciation for it instead of hate blame and shame. 

This program is such a a worth while investment for your whole life. If Spenser’s Podcast resonates with you, it is right for you. Imagine how much money you spend on fertility. This will not only improve your fertility (I am proof) but it will improve your happiness and well being.

— Laura M.

Fertility Mind-Body Mastery is a revolutionary approach to finally getting pregnant.

Through a series of live group coaching, online courses and meditations, you’ll learn how to:

I combine world-class knowledge with transformational coaching inside an empowering community of women who are walking the same path with you. 

No more focusing on unsolicited advice from friends and family. You’ll be surrounded and supported by women who truly get it—including me!

All together, you get my exact step-by-step system to completely transform your entire fertility journey—and your entire life.

Here’s why the Fertility Framework is so effective:

55% of women who met regularly in a mind-body fertility program conceived within 6 months after the program ended.

But only 20% of the women in a control group that use no mind-body techniques got pregnant according to the Domar Center of Harvard.

It’s scientifically proven that your emotional health is equally as important as your physical health.

When our minds are at peace, we give our bodies permission to feel safe too. And taking care of your mental and emotional health makes the journey a helluva lot more enjoyable.


nervous system

Fertility Mind-Body Mastery shifts your body out of the sympathetic state of fight or flight, and into the parasympathetic state of rest and digest, which makes your body feel safe to create your baby.


dream life

Did you know that your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real, and what is imagined? Inside of the program, you’ll re-wire your brain to believe thoughts that will direct your body to conceive.


to spirit

We are always connected to a higher power. But we aren’t always feeling connected. And when we aren’t, we feel lonely, separate, and riddled with uncertainty. The process inside of Fertility Mind-Body Mastery will show you how to connect your mind+body with forces that are ready and willing to make life easier for you.   

I’ve helped hundreds of women reclaim their lives, change their energy around the desire to get pregnant, and hold happy, healthy babies in their arms! These are just a few of them. They have all done incredible work to change their mindsets, heal their relationship with their body, and (for many) get pregnant.

This WILL be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  It will open your eyes to a possible way of life you can live that is SO MUCH kinder, calmer, more joyful and with more connection than you are now.”

My fertility journey before FMBM was one of panic, self blame and self pity. I felt like I had no control of what was going on, and bounced from one rigid regime to another. It felt like a game that was impossible for me to win, and I had lost my sense of self and any source of happiness outside of getting pregnant

After joining, I have developed self trust and a sense of self worth that I could only have dreamed of this time last year.  I am also much more relaxed, and much more comfortable with uncertainty. 

This WILL be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  It will open your eyes to a possible way of life you can live that is SO MUCH kinder, calmer, more joyful and with more connection than you are now.  That you will gain a sisterhood that will walk you out of this darkest time in your life, and that ( though this is hard to imagine) although you will  become a mother one day and this course will unblock your resistance to this,  when you look back on your time, the result of your personal journey will be SOO much more than just a positive pregnancy test!

— Daisy M.

“The modules and lessons have completely transformed my thoughts and feelings around my personal journey. I started to reclaim my life. Not only did the program give me the skills to cope with the ups and downs of the fertility journey, but it transformed my overall outlook on life. I’m now 10 weeks pregnant!”

— Larissa S.

“It transformed my overall outlook on life. I’m now 10 weeks pregnant!”

“Before FMBM, I thought I was listening to my body but i really wasn't. I was constantly freaking out about what the "right" thing was to do on the journey.”

Before FMBM, I thought I was listening to my body but i really wasnt. I was constantly freaking out about what the “right” thing was to do on the journey. I was super caught up in there being one right way to baby. I decided to join because I was tired of feeling like crap and like I wasn’t doing enough. 

This program really changed all areas of my life. It changed how I think about everything. Rather than thinking everything thought I have is true or a sign of something I realize now they are just thoughts and not everything I think is true. It helped me completely transform my business and my journey as an entrepreneur. It also helped me eventually let go of alllll the rules around fertility that I was imposing on myself without even really realizing it. I think I finally have been able to really see who I am and continue to learn what works best for me, even if it is completely different than cultural norms.

— Susan P.

“After 2 years of trying everything to get my body on board (eating well, exercise, natural medicine, chiro, acupuncture, you name it, I tried it) I took the leap to journey into my mind. I was nervous and vulnerable, but so determined to feel empowered and light again.

I’m happy to say I had a breakthrough while completing your course. Within 2 months, I was finally pregnant! This journey has been one I will never forget!”

— Jessica L.

“Within 2 months, I was finally pregnant!”

All this baby-magic, without forcing it.

This is an entirely new energy that you would be bringing to the baby-making table (or bed?!), and to your life in general. One that gives you permission to stop fighting life, put down your sword, and get clear on what matters most to you.

I’m not gonna tell you to “just think positive” because this isn’t about perfecting your thoughts. You’re a human being and I’m here to honor the entirety of your fertility journey: the difficult and the beautiful.

My philosophy is less = more. The sooner you realize that what’s most important is not what you “do” but how you do it – the energy behind it – the sooner you will free yourself from work/relationship/fertility obligations and to-do’s that drain your energy.

And if we’re being honest, you already know this. You get it. But after decades of living life a certain way, you don’t know how to change.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know how to let go. To trust. To feel pleasure without guilt. Which is totally normal. And absolutely okay.

This where Fertility Mind-Body Mastery comes in. Right here. This is where the transformation begins.

What’s included in Fertility Mind-Body Mastery?

I took every piece of the journey and turned it into an oh-so-uncomplicated course curriculum that you get lifetime access to.

No matter where you are or what comes up, you’ll have an oasis of resources you need to be completely supported and confident that you can create your baby.

You might not need all these programs.

But in case these are part of your fertility journey, rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

The Fertile Ground Program

The foundation for Fertile Living. Learn the fundamentals of the mind-body approach to getting pregnant.

Inside, I’m showing you how to feel your feelings, slow down, believe in your ability to get pregnant, surrender and forgive the past. This is the program to help restore hope that you can and will get pregnant. You’ll always have these tried and true techniques to come back to, through conception, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

Free Your Fertility Mindset

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond. This program includes how to overcome EVERYTHING that comes up on the fertility journey.

It’s what stops the vicious cycle of feeling like you’re failing yourself, month after month.

From receiving a medical diagnosis—to the shame you feel when you’re walking into your family reunion—to overcoming perfectionist thinking – to TTC when your 40+… This is the program to regain a healthy sense of control of your life and your emotional state, no matter WHAT comes up. Seriously. You’ll learn how to respond to your triggers from an empowered place, create emotional and mental freedom and build momentum towards one of your greatest creations yet.

Healing Heart

You’re not alone, my friend. I’ve got you if you need to recover and heal from pregnancy loss.

You’ll receive the space, support, and guidance to grieve so you can honor the past—without being fearful about getting pregnant again. This program is sooo healing.

IVF Made Magical

Bring magic and joy to the scientific process of IVF.

Instead of seeing yourself like a science experiment, you’ll learn how to take control of your story and lay the foundation for success. From having a smooth injection process, to seamlessly handling the administrative side of the process, you’re totally covered with this program in your back pocket.

More Fertile in 15 Meditations

I’m not gonna be a broken record and tell you how great meditation is for you. You already know that. But it’s been hard to follow through, right?

All of the meditations I’ve used are either too long, too out-there or too boring. I created very powerful 15-minute guided meditations that are weaved throughout each section of the program and address everything you’re going through.

They’re simple, yet effective and go deep into your subconscious, without putting you to sleep with boredom. Some of them are incredibly relaxing, and some of them will leave you with tears of relief rolling down your cheeks.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Receive life and fertility coaching from Spenser, every week, for six whole months

Got another pregnancy announcement and can’t break the thought cycle of “Why them and not me?” Need to set a boundary with a family member but you keep hearing “You’re selfish if you say no” in your head? I’ve got you.

As a Certified Life Coach, I’m professionally trained to help you identify the thoughts that are making you feel like pregnancy is always justtttt out of reach. The coaching calls are your weekly mindset tune-up to clear out the stale thought patterns that doubt your ability to get pregnant. I’ll help you rewrite new ones so you can move forward feeling empowered to take back control of your fertility journey — starting with your mind.

With me in your corner, feeling stuck becomes temporary instead of your everyday norm.

PLUS, you'll get these extra resources to support you on your fertility journey

Worksheets, Journal Prompts & Challenges

It happens all the time. You read an inspiring book and you feel like it changes your life. But a few weeks later, you forgot what you learned. Maybe you can remember a bit of it. But the inspiration has fizzled. This is what happens when you don’t actually apply what you’ve learned into your every day life.

Through the worksheets, journal prompts and challenges that are neatly organized for you inside the program, you’re going to actually apply what you’re learning into your daily life. No fizzle. Just consistency and momentum towards making that beautiful babe.

We give you the tools you need to move from inspiration -> to action -> to seeing your real-life result.

Private Community

Fertility Mind-Body Mastery is an intentionally curated community of the most amazing mamas-in-the-making that the online world ever did see.

I closed my private coaching practice because I’ve learned that working in a group setting is more powerful than private support.

Having support from just one person isn’t enough.

Having support from someone other than your mom, is vital.

As women, we FREE ourselves when we can truly BE ourselves with others.

I completely understand the tendency to isolate yourself on your fertility journey. You feel like you have one (MAYBE two) friends who you can actually trust.

If you’re thinking “I’m too advanced for group coaching” or “I’ll get more support from 1:1”, let me coach you now and remind you:

Those are just thoughts.

You might think these thoughts are protecting you. They’re trying to keep you within your comfort zone because they think that’s what will keep you safe. But I’m here to say that your comfort zone (and these thoughts) are not actually serving you.

Human connection and social support are the foundation of your mind-body health. And I’ve got science to back me up on this one! Research has proven that people with rich support systems live longer than people who don’t.

During a world-wide-pandemic, this is more important than EVER.

You are worthy of a space where you can truly be yourself.

Not just with your mom and not just with me, but with an entire community who fully supports YOU in living the life you actually want to be living.

Being vulnerable in safe spaces like Fertility Mind-Body Mastery is one of the fastest, most effective ways to create radical transformation within yourself and your life as a whole.

You’re immersing yourself in a supportive community with other women who are also trying to conceive AND have chosen the same approach as you.

They are just like you. 

Meaning, with us, you will truly belong.

Fertility Mind-Body Mastery

Join Now for May 2024 Cohort!

It’s time to feel fan-fucking-tastic.

I created Fertility Mind-Body Mastery because this unique mind-body process, is the only one that scientifically increases your chances of getting pregnant AND lets you feel fan-fucking-tastic doing it.

Inside, you’re getting the complete mind-body support system for mama-bears who don’t want to wait another month.

I blend high-touch, personalized coaching, a heart-centered community, and all the knowledge and tools you need to restore and revitalize your mind and body on the journey to your baby.

How do you know if you’re ready for Fertility Mind-Body Mastery?



The Power of the Fertility Framework:

I was feeling lonely on the journey. Everyone around me was either pregnant easily or currently pregnant.

The biggest transformation I had was finding belief in myself. I gained confidence to shine. I didn’t need to talk every week. When I needed Spenser’s help I asked for it. And she coached me through in exactly the way I needed. I found so much value in hearing the questions of fellow peers.

My sex life improved. I went from enjoying sex with my husband to LOVING sex with my husband. We don’t limit our lovemaking to the fertile window and a few days here and there post fertile window like we were doing pre FMBM, we are active all month long and the pressure to “try” is gone. 

Bottom line is I believe that this program, the coaching calls especially, helped me progress through the “goo” on my way to become a butterfly. I trust someday, possibly soon, I will be sending you a message to confirm my pregnancy.

Good things are happening for me, all around me and to me. 

DO IT! It is absolutely the most valuable investment I have ever made in myself. ”

— Danielle K.

“Bottom line is I believe that this program, the coaching calls especially, helped
me progress through the "goo" on my way to become a butterfly.”

“Learning how to see myself as whole instead of treating myself as a failure, was what changed everything for me. I’m now 18 weeks pregnant!”

“We’ve had all kinds of tests and been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. In my rock bottom, something led me to you. Your program is what I needed most. Learning how to see myself as whole instead of treating myself as a failure, was what changed everything for me. I’m now 18 weeks pregnant!”

— Victoria K.

“Spenser’s course has been truly transformative for me. Before starting it, I had little awareness about the many ways in which my emotions and my physical body are intertwined. Working through the modules feels like gradually waking up new parts of yourself and seeing life from a totally different perspective.

My fertility journey has been complex and after losing a fallopian tube, I feared my ability to conceive had been even further reduced. I was both shocked and delighted to discover that I became pregnant while working through the course!!! It has been an absolute godsend in helping me work through doubt, fear and anxiety throughout the early stages of pregnancy. Spenser, thank you for pouring your heart, soul and wisdom into this amazing course.”

— Dallas C..

“I was both shocked and delighted to discover that I became pregnant while working through the course!!!”

“It honestly has changed every aspect of my life through my mindset and equipped me with tools I will continue to use forever.”

In my life before the program, I felt completely disjointed/disassociated from life in general. The few feelings I did feel were usually envy from comparison or anger at the way things had turned out, obsessed with timing and attached to a certain timeline.

Realizing that my worth wasn’t attached to anything other than myself was a huge take away. Through weekly calls, I was able to detach from comparison and judging myself and my life and rediscover my true self – feelings and all! Letting go of expectation made me feel like I’d lost 20 pounds! Although we went through fertility treatment I didn’t feel as attached to the outcome.

We were initially concerned about the investment into the program, as we’d never spent money on anything of this nature before however it is truly the best money I’ve ever spent. It honestly has changed every aspect of my life through my mindset and equipped me with tools I will continue to use forever.

— Grace G.

“I’m 39. I’ve had 3 miscarriages. We wanted to try IVF one more time and it worked! Thanks to you, I’m able to keep my mind at ease while waiting for my ultrasound. I focused on surrender, learned how to be okay with uncertainty and accept whatever the outcome is. Today, we got to see a perfectly sized baby and a heartbeat. Thank you for the work you do. You are literally getting me through this.”

— Rita T.

“Thanks to you, I’m able to keep my mind at ease while waiting for my ultrasound.”

“Tested this morning and I got a positive!”

“God is good. Tested this morning and I got a positive! I’ve stopped doing everything and just focused on my mindset and celebrated ME! This work is truly magical!”

— Theresa R.

“Just wanted to share with you how very thankful I am for you and your program because I just found out that I am PREGNANT! This program has absolutely changed my life and I couldn’t have done this without you!

After a year and a half of trying everything imaginable, this was the first cycle I really gave up everything I had been trying before and just let the universe take over—no obsessing and here we are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get here! You are changing lives with the beautiful work you do and I am eternally grateful!”

— Alana K.

“I just found out that I am PREGNANT! This program has absolutely changed my life...”

Take a look inside the Fertility Mind-Body Mastery program...

Not sure? No pressure. No problem.

Maybe you’ve lost trust in this journey. Or you aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the next step in yourself and your fertility journey. Let’s talk about it.

Absolutely not. Applying for Fertility Mind-Body Mastery is like saying: This work is resonating with me. It all sounds exciting and it’s giving me hope. I’m interested, but would like to learn more about your proven process and how the program works.

It’s safe to say that many women discover me after nothing else has worked – to finally discover a process that just feels right. It feels simple, exciting and aligned with who they are. They feel this in both the program and the amazing community.

One of the huge WHY’s behind me starting this program is because when I was on the journey – everyone was offering methods and treatments the caused me to restrict the very essence of who I was. IE. Stop doing this. Stick to logic and focus on the stats. Keep working hard. Be more perfect, don’t have fun and then you’ll get pregnant. For me, feeling miserable and not getting pregnant was proof that it wasn’t working for me.

So I created a whole new way of approaching fertility from a holistic perspective that gets down to the ROOT of what’s really going on inside of your mind and body. To support you greatly in getting pregnant naturally, or to assist you beautifully into your next treatment.

Hear me loud and clear when I say that unlike conventional fertility treatments, this program will NOT be all for nothing. Because the goal isn’t just to get pregnant. You’re gonna learn how to create success in ALL areas of your life – not just baby. If you do the work, you CAN’T fail at this.

Busy? You’re in good company, because many of the women in the program are professionals with demanding careers.

This approach is perfect for you if you’re trying to create this baby without adding more to-do’s to your already full plate. The material is self-paced and you can go as slow or as fast as you want.

If you feel like you’re being pulled into so many different directions, this program is where you sort all that overwhelm out. As a result, you’ll strengthen your mind-body connection and increase your fertility.

Within the first month, you’ll learn how to manage your life in a whole new way – without sacrificing any of the things in your life that matter most to you.

Then you got exactly what you wanted 😊

All of the lessons and tools you learn inside of this program will take you into conception, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

How long are you willing to wait before you say “enough is enough” and do something that feels good to you?

Research shows that the biggest BURDEN when you’re trying to conceive isn’t the dieting, the procedures, and not even the treatments.

It’s the EMOTIONAL impact of the struggle. 

The hardest part is dealing with your disappointment, guilt, and heartbreak when you stare at that negative pregnancy test. Or when you snack on some cheese then you blame yourself for being the reason you’re not pregnant. Or when you catch a glimpse of your body in the mirror and are so mad at yourself for letting down you, your partner, and your family.

Mama-bear, how long have you been feeling your stress levels rise every month when you get your period?

And how long are you going to wait before you say, “enough is enough” and invest in a more empowering approach to your baby?
By starting now, you can expect to feel:

Like the total overwhelm and fear has become a thing of the past.

You’re mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for whatever comes (especially your little one!).

Confident with exactly who you are at this point in your life.

 You don’t have to be a perfect, zen robot to get pregnant. But you do need to re-train your brain to focus on what IS working, instead of focusing on what’s wrong.

A new found trust in the process.

You’re no longer triggered by every little thing, so your moods feel more consistent. You know that you’re being guided so have let go of needing all the control.

This work is nothing short of life-GIVING. Not just for your baby, but for YOU too.

We’re going to make massive internal shifts in your mind and body. Instead of NEEDING to get pregnant in order to feel whole, good enough, and capable, we’re going to reconnect you with your confidence NOW.

By making these inner changes, you’ll see physical ones as well. Because once you get the inside right, the outside falls into place.

No matter what happens, you’ll complete Fertility Mind-Body Mastery with tools and resources to live a completely empowered life. You’ll walk away from this as a winner – no matter WHAT.

And this promise is something that no other fertility program or treatments can give you.

The Power of the Fertility Framework:

“The group coaching each week was a real highlight, learning not just from Spenser and my individual questions, but questions from all the other women - that I didn't know I needed answering!”

Before joining, I was feeling tired, I was mentally exhausted from trying so hard on the fertility journey, trying to figure out what I was missing, which diet/program/supplement was going to be the secret piece. But mostly, I was struggling with the mental side of TTC, the constant cycle of hope, grief, disappointment month after month. 

It was during my 2 rounds of IVF while in the FMBM program that was really transformative. I was able to go through the physically draining procedures, medications and injections with ease, grace and even joy! But mentally I felt calm, I felt peaceful about the process and through the modules & coaching from Spenser really learnt to believe in myself and my body, trust the Universe and surrender to the timeline of it all. It was an incredibly spiritually empowering experience. 

You won’t regret joining for a second. The whole course is brilliantly put together, with just the right amount of content for any fertility related question or fear. The group coaching each week was a real highlight, learning not just from Spenser and my individual questions, but questions from all the other women – that I didn’t know I needed answering!

— Juanita B.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words of wisdom, courage and support. Who knew that I would be having my first baby at 44? But here we are! You believed in me from our first conversation and I know that everything we learned in the course helped me to have a successful pregnancy!”

— Wendy L.

“I know that everything we learned in the course helped me to have a successful pregnancy!”

“We just found out we’re pregnant!”

“I found Spenser’s work after miscarrying. After this, it felt like everyone I knew was pregnant, but me. I ditched the apps and started journaling. Hearing your voice and advice walked me off of the cliff so many times. We just found out we’re pregnant! I can’t even tell you how much you’ve helped me and the relief I felt knowing that what I was experiencing is not only normal, but manageable.”

— Rachel Y.

“Have you ever been in a spot where you’ve tried everything imaginable to solve a problem and nothing seems to be working? You’re spending all your time, worry and hard earned money trying to get the the thing you can see so clearly in your mind but keeps eluding you. That is how I was feeling on my fertility journey before I found Spenser. After just over 2 months working with Spenser I became pregnant.”

— Brittany K.

“After just over 2 months working with Spenser I became pregnant.”

You belong here, mama-bear.

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