A 2-Day Virtual Fertility Retreat!

July 26th & 27th

Here’s what some of the fertility industry claims:

“Summer is tempting between the ice cream date nights and the late night bon fires. But tighten up and stick to the rules. You don’t wanna ruin your chances.”

“If you really want to get pregnant right away, then it’s time to do more  to increase your fertility and just do all of it. Cause THEN you won’t miss anything.”

“More sacrificing and restricting. Abide to the contradicting dieting advice, RSVP no to parties (too tempting), work out… but not TOO hard. Fertility danger is around every corner.”

“More planning. Results are in the doing. And for greater success… do everything exactly right. Then you don’t have to feel guilty or responsible every time you get your period.” — like THAT’S ever worked…

This is what I like to call:


This summer, it's time take your life back.

and increase your fertility naturally while you're at it.

I'm hosting a Fertile AF Summer Retreat to show you how to create a mind-body transformation proven to increase your fertility -- without the industries life-sucking rules and restrictions.

July 26th and 27th, 2022




Meet your host, Spenser Brassard


In July of 2016, my husband and I sat down at the table and we were choosing between a trip to London & Italy OR investing $10K in a natural fertility program.

We chose the fertility program. I don’t regret it. But here’s what happened:

We cut out all the sugar, gluten, dairy and booze. I took my temperature every morning. I worked out religiously. I took vitamins morning, noon, dinner AND night.

My social life was non-existent because I wanted to go to bed knowing that I was behaving like a VERY good girl. (Good girls are rewarded in our culture.)

And I didn’t really care because:

After years TTC, I was 100% willing to sacrifice all the joys in my life to make my baby. If that’s what it was going to take.

But after all of this for 6 whole months and no positive pregnancy test, I was VERY confused.

How could I do everything right, almost perfectly and sacrifice all the things/food/people that I love, only to be MORE confused at the end of this financially, mentally and physically TAXING experience? What a rip off!

I don’t regret this (incredibly boring and expensive) summer of ’16… because what I DID learn, is what didn’t work. This was getting me closer to what WOULD eventually work. I learned that the journey to my baby was obviously not about restrictions, rules and boring-ass-perfection.

Striving for perfection will not only strip you of your life-creating energy, but will always make you feel like it’s YOUR fault you’re not pregnant yet – which is so not true and creates a mind-body disconnect.

So through life coaching and mind-body tools, I learned how to let perfection go and still feel worthy of creating my baby. 

Conveniently — in the Summer of ’19 — after 8 years TTC, 2 failed IVF transfers and 1 loss, I got pregnant naturally with my now, 2 year old son Beck. And today, I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. 

I teach women the mind-body approach to getting pregnant because it gives your sanity, your belief and your zest for life back. The most Fertile AF qualities. What a better time to learn how to do this then SUMMER BABY!

So I'm hosting a virtual retreat on how to create a Fertile AF Summer of your dreams.

I'll be sharing my biggest mind-body secrets and interviewing real women/clients (who have been where you are) to help YOU make your miracle while enjoying and trusting your LIFE.


Spenser Brassard

Certified Life Coach & Host

Kristin Miller

Client Success Coach

Workshop: Breathwork Journey

Ashley Benoit

Panel Discussion: How to Do Less and Increase Fertility

Amber Gordon

Panel Discussion: How to Do Less and Increase Fertility

Kaitlin Villatoro

Panel Discussion: Trusting in Yourself & The Journey

Lisa McClain

Panel Discussion: Trusting in Yourself & The Journey

Chelsea Krahel

Panel Discussion: Trusting in Yourself & The Journey

What makes us feel good – makes our bodies feel good.

And when our minds and bodies are in a state of joy and pleasure – our nervous systems can restore themselves back to their natural state of rest and digest to increase chances of conception.

This actually makes logical sense, right?

The confusion lies in our culture.

Just like my client said a few weeks ago:

“I LOVE summer. It’s my favorite time of year. There is SO much fun to be had. But I’m terrified of screwing my fertility up.”

It’s not her fault that she feels that way.

Women have been conditioned to believe that real transformation in our minds and bodies lie in strict, external changes.

We so badly WANT to be a part of the fun but are terrified of messing things up fertility-wise.

And it becomes a freeze response in the body. 

We have desires to experience summer — to enjoy a cocktail while floating in a pool or to take two weeks off just for nothingness and REST – but we either feel like what we’re doing is either dangerous or never enough.

So what's next?


The focus of a woman’s worth and fertility must go beyond the physical.

Optimizing fertility includes an inner mind-body transformation. A NEW energy state. A journey of coming back to yourself.

Mind-body medicine is so beneficial to not only increasing chances of conception, but it teaches you how to love your life now.

The mindset and tools I teach sends signals to your nervous system that you’re safe. 

You’re safe to feel pleasure, to take time to rest and to learn how to find emotional fulfilment and JOY in your life now.

Safety + Detachment + Loving Your Life Now = a beautiful recipe for conception.

The summer is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce pleasure, rest and joy back into your life — and naturally increase your fertility while you’re at it.

Strengthen your mind-body connection and attend this Fertile AF retreat, because you are wanting more:


No matter what you do, if you don’t believe you can transform your mind and body then what’s the point? Learn the juicy research, hear of others stories and build your belief in a happy, healthy pregnancy happening for YOU.


Switch your always-falling-short mentality for mind-body freedom when you learn the step-by-step basics to self-compassion and how this is the ONLY antidote for perfectionism and finally feeling enough.


Whether fun sounds like more adventure to you, or fun feels like more naps and rest — your desires are 100% valid. No one knows what your mind and body needs better than you. I’ll show you how to take pleasure off of the back burner and prioritize FUN in your life.

A 2-Day Virtual Fertility Retreat

July 26th & 27th

2 Days of Brand-New Workshops, Tell-All Stories from Real Women TTC,  Q&A sessions with Spenser and so much more.



4:00 PM EDT –  Perfectionism Detox with Spenser Brassard

6:00 PM EDT –  Womb Opening Breathwork Journey with Kristin Miller

7:00 PM EDT –  Trusting In Yourself & The Journey with clients Lisa, Kaitlin, & Chelsea


3:00 PM EDT Fertile AF Summer ’22 with Spenser Brassard

5:00 PM EDT –  How to Do Less AND Increase Fertility with Ashley and Amber

7:00 PM EDT –  Open Your Mind-Body (Heart) to Getting Pregnant with Spenser Brassard


During the virtual fertility retreat LIVE sessions, you’ll find out how to get exclusive access to this BONUS VIP Day for no extra charge! Come to the live sessions for the secret instructions to get access to these “closed door” advanced sessions.

Advanced Training: The 3-Part Framework to Transform Fertility Mystery into Fertility Mastery with Spenser Brassard.

“Taking the mind-body approach to pregnancy definitely works! Two months of the program, two months of stopping fertility treatments, and the first month I got rid of all fertility items that didn’t bring me joy and just focused on enjoying my life. And now I am pregnant!

— Taylor L.

“...I got rid of all fertility items that didn't bring me joy and just focused on enjoying my life. And now I’M PREGNANT!”

“Our first positive EVER in two years trying.

 “Spenser! OMG, I have some exciting news to share! Our first positive EVER in two years of trying. None of this would have been possible without you and FMBM. My mindset has changed so much in the last three months. I am so grateful for you, your work and the FMBM community! It feels so surreal!

— Alicia M.

It’s time to take your life back.

You can keep focusing on all the changes you can make externally and shaming yourself when you don’t live up to perfectionism’s “good girl” standards (Hint: No one does) OR you can learn how to transform your mind and body from the inside-out through this $25 special event.

I know you’re willing to do what it takes. All you need is a roadmap forward.

It’s only fair to give pleasure, joy and rest a chance. You have to let the energy inside of these qualities prove to you what can be created when you give them space in your life to exist.

Are you ready?

“When I found Spenser, I had just miscarried at 8 weeks after an IVF transfer. It was such an unbelievably difficult time. I’m an OBGYN physician in my 40’s and Spenser’s coaching was life-changing. She is amazing at what she does and it took a lot of energy and time to get out of my medical mindset.

I can’t say enough about how much her sessions and coaching have been life-changing not just on this fertility journey, but in life in general. I write this on the eve of my induction day at 38 weeks pregnant. I have every risk factor for several complications in pregnancy and I have not developed one. I am still amazed at how the universe is working with me.

— Cindy A.

Board Certified OBGYN Physician in New Jersey

“Her sessions and coaching have been life-changing not just on this fertility journey, but in life in general.”

“Within 2 months, I was finally pregnant!”

“After 2 years of trying everything to get my body on board (eating well, exercise, natural medicine, chiro, acupuncture, you name it, I tried it) I took the leap to journey into my mind. I was nervous and vulnerable, but so determined to feel empowered and light again.

I’m happy to say I had a breakthrough while completing your course. Within 2 months, I was finally pregnant! This journey has been one I will never forget!”

— Jessica L.

Get your virtual ticket now!


Who should attend this virtual fertility retreat?

If you have been TTC:


I know you’ve only been TTC for a few months, but your big desire for this baby is valid. And honestly, I would have done ANYTHING to discover a virtual fertility retreat like this. It would have saved me years of suffering.


Maybe you’re at a point where you don’t know what’s next. IUI, IVF…keep trying naturally? Either way, limbo feels like shit. Get some clarity about what YOU want and need right now at this point in your fertility journey.


Many women come to me after they’ve tried it all. They’ve invested time, money and energy and are at a loss of what’s next. All I can say is what you will experience in this virtual retreat will be brand new and fill you with incredible hope and excitement about your future.


Going through fertility treatments.

Want to increase your fertility naturally.


“I’m just so grateful for your guidance and support. If I’m being honest, all my life I’ve felt like I’d work really hard and evolve from the people-pleasing/perfectionist version of myself but I just didn’t know when or how.

You’ve given me the most amazing gift I’ve ever received – ME! You’ve opened my heart and allowed me to find my true self and that has now led to the start of this beautiful journey to motherhood. I can’t tell you how much this means to me!”

— Ashley B.

“You've opened my heart and allowed me to find my true self and that has now led to the start of this beautiful journey to motherhood.

“...learnt to believe in myself and my body, trust the Universe and surrender to the timeline of it all.”

It was during my 2 rounds of IVF while in the FMBM program that was really transformative. I was able to go through the physically draining procedures, medications and injections with ease, grace and even joy! But mentally I felt calm, I felt peaceful about the process and through the modules & coaching from Spenser really learnt to believe in myself and my body, trust the Universe and surrender to the timeline of it all. It was an incredibly spiritually empowering experience. ”

— Juanita B.



A 2-Day Virtual Fertility Retreat

July 26th & 27th

You belong here, mama-bear.

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