And this is why I’m hosting this virtual retreat. I know you’ve been through a lot and that it’s confusing that it hasn’t happened yet. But there is something inside of you, when you move beyond the shame, that intuitively and compassionately knows the way to a wildly fulfilling life that includes your baby. Come to this retreat to reconnect with her ❤️

A 1-Day Virtual Fertility Retreat

July 8th, 2023

You don't have to change everything about yourself to get pregnant.

But that might be hard to actually believe right now because of the very sneaky voice of shame.

It’s the voice constantly telling  you that “something must wrong with me.”

The voice that says “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”

And that voice that says “I’m not safe to be seen as I am.”

It’s the voice that keeps your nervous system ready to fix, fight and figure out whatever is wrong, at all costs.

Although it can be a courageous endeavour to want to better yourself, there comes a point when you start to sense the cultural addiction to constantly searching for what’s wrong, and begin to feel a call to focus and bring energy to what’s right, what’s real and what’s working.


I'm gonna make this real simple cause shame is sneaky AF.

Shame does a really good job of being the most dominate, critical voice inside of your head, while simultaneously making you believe that its orders are your real, true voice. 

The good news is that it is 100% not.

The effects shame has on the mind and body are a strong feeling of distrust in your instincts, your experience and how you feel. Leading to an over-focus on an outside influence of what you “should do” and denying the true voice inside of you that intuitively knows the way to your full, abundant life — baby included. 

Unfortunately, a lot of “rules” online to get pregnant, only promote shame and perfectionism. The voice of, “If I DO everything RIGHT thennn it will happen.” leads us to override and oppress what we really need.

And we will often unconsciously use the voice of shame to motivate our “fertility-enhancing” actions. Leading to a life-less almost punishing experience to our babies. 

Perfectionism and shame go hand in hand. And according to those two boring besties, nothing you can do, be or feel is or will ever be good enough.  

So you might as well stop listening to the voice of shame. 

We have to out it’s bull shit. We have to reveal its untrue claims and reconnect you with your deeper sense of self.

Come to this virtual retreat to reconnect and rebuild your sense of self and transform your mind and body by creating a
Shame-free Fertility Journey.

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An opportunity to begin the destruction of your shame in only ONE DAY.



Make time to reconnect with yourSELF.

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Watch the video workshops in our private portal and enjoy at your own pace. 

See behind the scenes of and real life examples of how women TTC are dismantling their shame.

Meet your coach, Spenser Brassard

If someone were to ask me: Why do you think you finally got pregnant after trying for so long? I could answer it easily. 

My fertility journey was a complicated and confusing yet a highly transformative 8 year path of coming back to myself, my spirit, and into my body. 

Before I finally got pregnant, there was ONE thing that profoundly changed.

ONE thing that shifted hugely inside of me.

  • It wasn’t that I finally believed that it could happen.
  • It wasn’t that I finally had more hope.
  • It wasn’t through endless appointments. 
  • I didn’t make a ton of physical changes, so it couldn’t have been that.

It was that I unshamed myself and my fertility journey. 

I was still me. But maybe more than ever.

I was still the girl who loved to have a couple of cocktails on the weekend with family and friends.

I was still more sensitive than the average person and triggered by what most would think are silly, small things. 

I still procrastinated when I “should” have been working.

I was still outspoken and opinionated even when people didn’t wanna hear it 🤣 

I was still a messy, imperfect human being. 

But instead of blaming that this part of myself is wrong and why I wasn’t pregnant yet, I started to finally trust myself AND my uniqueness.


I started to believe and trust, not necessarily in getting pregnant, but that:

  • I intuitively knew the way. I didn’t have the map and I didn’t know exactly what it looked like, but I had the compass to my baby. All I needed was to take the next step that felt right to ME, even if it deviated from conventional fertility advice. 
  • My wants and my needs were justified simply because I had them. I didn’t need to over-explain why I was feeling and wanting things anymore. 
  • My emotional response to certain situations were valid and on point.

Unshaming yourself somatically feels like lifting a 1000 pound weight off of your body. It is a BODY experience.

After dismantling my shame, I could move more freely in the world. I could finally just be myself, no perfectionist strings attached. Not because this is what got approval from others, but because getting approval from myself was enough.



10:00 AM EDT – The Basics of Un-Doing Shame (and how this affects and can improve your fertility) with Spenser Brassard

11:30 PM EDT –  Guided Meditation 

12:00 PM EDT –  The Patriarchy and It’s Role on Social Shame with Spenser Brassard

1:30 PM EDT –  How real life women TTC are dismantling their shame, one experience at a time panel discussion with women TTC.

3:00 PM EDT –  The power of discernment with Spenser Brassard


During the virtual fertility retreat LIVE sessions, you’ll find out how to get exclusive access to this BONUS VIP Day for no extra charge! Come to the live sessions for the secret instructions to get access to these “closed door” advanced sessions.

Advanced Training: The 3-Part Framework to Transform Fertility Mystery into Fertility Mastery with Spenser Brassard.

The body wants to feel safe before conceiving.

And shame does the opposite. It sets off alarm bells within your nervous system that reiterates an untrue narrative that something is wrong, that you are not safe to be fully in your life, and that you must hide. Hide how you feel, hide your needs, hide your truth.

We can gently and compassionately re-wire this ❤️

But in order for your nervous system to change and respond differently, you need to change your relationship with it. To attune more to its needs, limits and truth.

And this is specific to YOU. To your sense of self. To your unique nature. 

This is both a logical skill and a spiritual permission slip to allow for this transformation into your Shame-free Fertility Journey.


You ready to get YOU back?

We’ve all been encouraged through cultural oppression that we don’t know best and that the experts know more. (Even if it feels icky and wrong inside of our bodies.) After this retreat, this all changes.

You’ll learn how to:


Do you trust yourself? Or do you defer to the “experts” even if it goes against what you instinctively feel is true for you?

You’re gonna learn how to discern what works for YOU and what won’t work, so that you can get to where you wanna go and feel how you wanna feel, faster.


So much of shame is hiding. Hiding how you feel, what you want/need, and trying to squeeze yourself into a box of “normal” of “good girl” and of low maintenance. 

But systems of oppression to make OTHER PEOPLE feel more comfortable at the cost of YOUR mind and bodY, has got to stop.


The only way I have successfully created change inside of my mind and body, is through first validating how I feel, and compassion for what I am experiencing.

Blaming and shaming does not work. You’ll learn how to create change from love. From truth. From a deep understanding of  your humanity.

You are your best fertility coach.

Look, I am a big believer in asking for help. But if you’re over-riding your needs and listening to others orders to try and “fix yourself”… that experience will only take you away from who you are. 

And the more you look to fix yourself from an outside source, the more it re-establishes the narrative that you don’t know what you need and that you can’t help yourself.

UNLESS you succeed in finding the source of your own life force.

And this trust in yourself is something you will take with you for the rest of your life, but more specifically into:

Not only is it imperative to trust yourself and your needs so that you can live a happy, fulfilling life. 

But it also will teach you how to trust your child. To trust that THEY know what’s best for THEM so that they’re not living an unfulfilled life in accordance with your needs.

Do you see the bigger plan?

"I’ve learned to follow my own nature instead of doing what I think others will find most acceptable and also how I’ve been able to release my need to cling to made up timelines and rules made by my monkey mind."

“The biggest transformation would have to be in how I’ve learned to follow my own nature instead of doing what I think others will find most acceptable and also how I’ve been able to release my need to cling to made up timelines and rules made by my monkey mind. I made a ton of progress in how I view my feelings, my body and my life in general! Although I miscarried on my journey I’m currently 5 months pregnant with a healthy baby and couldn’t be happier at the timing.”

— Ashley B.

“Well I definitely made progress on my fertility journey because I am pregnant! But more than that, I became more comfortable with uncertainty, receiving, and surrender, so that I’m able to enjoy the pregnancy more despite the times when I feel nervous. I also feel more at peace in the rest of my life. I learned to navigate my perfectionism and anxiety and start developing my worthiness from inside rather than by constantly trying to compete and prove myself. I like knowing that I am enough because I say so, that joy and rest are productive, and that I get to choose to believe whatever I want about any given situation.

— Tammy P.

"I learned to navigate my perfectionism and anxiety and start developing my worthiness from inside rather than by constantly trying to compete and prove myself."

"I am able to listen to my body on a much deeper level and have such an appreciation for it instead of hate blame and shame."

“I was obsessed with finding out what was wrong with me. I was convinced that it was my fault we weren’t pregnant, and I lived with so much guilt and shame. 

Not only am I now pregnant, but I made so much progress with perfectionism and restriction. I healed my relationship with myself, God, and my husband. I have so many tools now to be an amazing Mom and I have so much more confidence in myself and my intuition. I am able to listen to my body on a much deeper level and have such an appreciation for it instead of hate blame and shame.”

— Laura M.

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Who is this workshop for?

If you have been TTC:


I know you’ve only been TTC for a few months, but your big desire for this baby is valid. And honestly, I would have done ANYTHING to discover a workshop like this. It would have saved me years of suffering.


Maybe you’re at a point where you don’t know what’s next. IUI, IVF…keep trying naturally? Either way, limbo feels like shit. Get some clarity about what YOU want and need right now at this point in your fertility journey.


Many women come to me after they’ve tried it all. They’ve invested time, money and energy and are at a loss of what’s next. All I can say is what you will experience in this workshop will make you feel 1000 pounds lighter.


Going through fertility treatments.

Want to increase your fertility naturally.


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1-Day Fertility Retreat

July 8th, 2023

You belong here, mama-bear.

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