This exclusive workshop will give you the mind-body tools, hope and mindset that you need to stop feeling like a failure every 28ish-day cycle and instead, build major belief and momentum towards creating your beautiful baby. If you want to learn how to get pregnant — WITHOUT it taking over your life — then you do not want to miss this special workshop.

Exclusive Workshop

With Certified Life Coach Spenser Brassard

Do you ever wonder why.…

You feel completely responsible for not getting pregnant right away?

Your brain believes that once you discover the always-changing recipe for perfection — only then will you get pregnant?

You spend hours researching the latest fertility fads online, which leaves you worrying even more about what could be wrong?

You suffer through this journey alone, leading you to believe that everyone else in the world gets pregnant on the first go?

That's right.

You’re not the only one with these thoughts and feelings.


Learn the mind-body tools, mindset and inspiration you need to choose a proven fertility-increasing, compassionate and empowering approach to creating your baby.

Learn the secrets to taking the mind-body approach to getting pregnant in just a few hours of jam-packed videos.

Cut the learning curve and blast through mindset blocks that keep you from believing in your body and your baby.

Watch the video workshops in our private portal and enjoy at your own pace.

See behind the scenes of women TTC for years and through losses, and how they found their way out.

Meet your coach, Spenser Brassard

I know exactly what the journey feels like after spending 8 years TTC.

For too long, I thought if I just sacrificed enough lattes and late nights out,  then I’d be “deserving” of a baby.

Until I noticed that I was a fraction of the person I used to be.

I realized that in my effort to reach this goal, I had lost myself. I had let the world convince me that I wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t fit in, until I had my baby.

It wasn’t until I discovered the mind-body approach that I realized this journey wasn’t asking me to restrict, shrink and hide until it finally happened. It was asking me to expand, show up and take up space in this world, EVEN IF I wasn’t pregnant yet. Go figure.

After coaching 100’s of women around the world on how to increase their fertility and/or live incredible lives by strengthening their mind-body connection — and after IVF that resulted in a miscarriage — I got pregnant naturally with my baby boy, Beck.

I knew I had to share these strategies with all the mamas-in-the-making out there who have the resilience and the persistence to create their baby and see the higher purpose of this journey. We want to give you the tools, education and guidance you need to be happy now and get pregnant.

So I called on my clients and friends — real women who have been where you are and found a way out — and brought these shining souls together to help YOU make your miracle.


Workshop #1: The Mind-Body Revolution

In this exclusive workshop, you’ll learn the biggest shifts that are impacting the fertility industry right now:

– The one MISSING piece to the big fertility mystery.

– Why the old way of “increasing fertility” isn’t working and what to do instead.

– The 4 major shifts and changes happening in the fertility industry and why you can’t afford to ignore it. 

– The FAIL-PROOF way to strengthening your mind-body connection for conception.

– Why you can STOP WAITING to feel relieved and relaxed on the TTC journey. There is another way… 


Workshop #2: How to Transform the NEED to Have a Baby Into a Happy, Healthy Desire.

No one wants to obsess about getting pregnant. It’s exhausting. But… how do you make the change when it’s all that you can think about?

In this exclusive workshop, I interview 2 former clients on how they turned that desperate need to have a baby, into a happy, healthy desire… and soon after, got pregnant.

Cammie had 4 losses before finally getting pregnant with her happy, healthy baby boy.

Claire had a loss and many failed IVF transfers before finally getting pregnant.

As you just read, they both went through so much to have their babies. But with the help of mind-body medicine, they transformed their minds to see this life experience as a catalyst to living their best lives, which ultimately increased their fertility.

Workshop #3: How to Make Fertile AF Decisions

In this exclusive workshop, you’re gonna learn:

– That you have a CHOICE in how you want your fertility journey to FEEL. 

– Why it’s important to make Fertile AF decisions BEFORE getting pregnant.

– Why you have to *be her now*. How would your future self invest her time, money and energy?

– What Overwhelmed AF and Fertile AF decisions and RESULTS look like in real life.

– What questions to ask yourself to stay in consistent.

Workshop #4: Discovering Your Worth While TTC

When we want something really, really bad… we tie our worth to it. And in doing so, we wait for that thing to happen (conception) before we allow ourselves to feel truly worthy.

But then, we feel stuck. Stuck in a vicious cycle of unworthiness and not enoughness “until” we get pregnant.

I believe that worthiness is something to discover and feel into, before conception. And in doing so, you increase your mental, physical and spiritual container to receive this little soul.

In this workshop, I interview 3 current clients about what mindset shifts they had to make and what they had to let go of, in order to feel worthy of a beautiful life now – and to FINALLY feel worthy of their babies.

Workshop #5: Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

In this workshop, my husband Dan and I walk you through the steps we took to overcome our fear of failure on our long fertility journey. This was 100% necessary before getting pregnant.

I know how easy it is to just want to avoid this concept all together, but there is so much gold in the exploration that is guaranteed to provide you with huge mental and physical RELIEF.

You’ll learn:

– What failure really is.

– How to put your head in the mouth of the monster.

– How to adjust your definition of success and failure as a family.

– Why consistency is everything.

– The physical and tangible bi-products of bringing this new energy into your lives.

Advanced Secret Training #6: How to Transform Fertility Mystery into Fertility Mastery!

This secret training with show you:

– The 3-Part Framework is to take the mystery out of fertility and master your fertility mindset.

– The power you hold to break the cycle and build momentum is all in your mind – I’ll show you exactly how to do that with a step-by-step process.

– How this plays into a REAL LIFE situation on the fertility journey.

– This isn’t about finding perfection, doing more, or controlling what happens to you or how you feel.

– It’s about getting into the flow. Through restoring your mind-body connection, responding to your external environment in a way that empowers you, and feeling reborn as a new and improved version of yourself. SO DOABLE.

The fertility world is changing.

It’s not just about blood tests, doctors appointments and diets anymore. It’s about how us women treat ourselves. How we learn to ask for what we want and need. How we show up and feel worthy of taking up space – regardless of a baby in hand.

The bi-product of this is a woman who is fulfilled. And when we are happy now, our goals that were once a tight need to prove our worth, become a happy healthy desire.

The mind is at peace. The body feels light. Fertility increases.

It’s a fucking Fertility Revolution. What a TIME to step into your worth before getting pregnant, so that you can pass this wisdom onto your child.

Will you answer the call?

Strengthen your mind-body connection and watch these workshops, because you are craving more:


It’s easy to acquire a fertility to-do list filled with what you “should” be doing. But fertility isn’t a one-size-fits-all kinda thing. In this workshop,  you’ll learn exactly what YOUR mind and body wants/needs to feel supported and confident on this sacred  journey to your baby.


Switch your always-falling-short mentality for mind-body freedom when you learn the step-by-step basics to self-compassion and how this is the ONLY antidote for perfectionism and finally feeling enough.


I love a bubble bath just as much as the next girl. But you’ll learn inside of this workshop that real, life-changing, long-lasting, fertility-enhancing self-care… is an inside job. This workshop is like buying the most beautiful gift for yourself. 

Exclusive Workshop

From Certified Life Coach and Top-Rated Podcaster, Spenser Brassard

Actionable Workshops, Journal Prompts, Tell-All Q&A sessions and so much more.

“I’ve dreamt of being able to write you with this news…I’M PREGNANT! I got to see the sweetest flicker of a heartbeat this morning. It feels like a fucking miracle. Your guidance was invaluable to me. Anytime I doubted myself, I would come back to our conversations. 

 The magnitude of how much I grew, has completely calmed me and brought me to a place I can’t even describe. A few of my friends have commented that I’m “less desperate”…hmmm… could it be that you helped me create a happy, healthy want (and not a need?) I’m so grateful for you!”

— Laura B.

I’M PREGNANT! I got to see the sweetest flicker of a heartbeat this morning. It feels like a fucking miracle.”

“...were waiting for my period to come so that I could start with the treatment, but for the first time didn’t show up. I’m now 6 weeks pregnant.

 “I had spent more than a year compulsively researching and trying everything on earth to “make it happen”, until my body suddenly begged me to stop. I somehow felt there was more to what was happening to me, I stopped asking “why” and started to wonder “what for”..?

I joined the program right when I felt ready to soak it in. It cracked my heart wide open and nothing but love, growth and absolute self-compassion came out of it.

We had decided we would try our first round of IVF this October and were waiting for my period to come so that I could start with the treatment, but for the first time ever… it didn’t show up. I’m now 6 weeks pregnant.

I cannot find the words to thank you Spenser Brassard for shining the light and providing the most amazing soundtrack for my journey. The truth is, despite the ups and downs, I fell in love with this process way before I saw my two pink lines.”

— Bea E.

We can no longer focus on just the physical side of fertility.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the fertility industry is full of racism, ageism and sizeism.

Meaning, the future of a woman’s fertility is being judged before she even walks into the door at a fertility clinic.

Not only does this leave you filled with discouragement in your body, but your mind is now riddled with doubt, regret of the past and pure panic about the future.

However, research shows that when mind and body work together – it more than doubles your chances of a successful pregnancy.

It’s time to take our power back.

We need to learn how to advocate for ourselves and learn new ways – beyond body-shaming and diet culture — to think and feel as though we are making huge progress and taking big leaps towards the dream of becoming a mother.

I know you’re willing to do what it takes. All you need is a roadmap forward.

My clients have successfully been able to let go of the cultural pressure of productivity and perfection to prove their worth. For them, this looks like:

I want more than anything for you to see the bigger picture inside this fertility journey. For some, getting pregnant happens in their first month trying. For others, it’s a mind-body-spirit transformation that creates a ripple effect in our world when a woman discovers her worth. We need you mama-bear.

Are you ready?

“When I found Spenser, I had just miscarried at 8 weeks after an IVF transfer. It was such an unbelievably difficult time. I’m an OBGYN physician in my 40’s and Spenser’s coaching was life-changing. She is amazing at what she does and it took a lot of energy and time to get out of my medical mindset.

I can’t say enough about how much her sessions and coaching have been life-changing not just on this fertility journey, but in life in general. I write this on the eve of my induction day at 38 weeks pregnant. I have every risk factor for several complications in pregnancy and I have not developed one. I am still amazed at how the universe is working with me.

— Cindy A.

Board Certified OBGYN Physician in New Jersey

“Her sessions and coaching have been life-changing not just on this fertility journey, but in life in general.”

“Within 2 months, I was finally pregnant!”

“After 2 years of trying everything to get my body on board (eating well, exercise, natural medicine, chiro, acupuncture, you name it, I tried it) I took the leap to journey into my mind. I was nervous and vulnerable, but so determined to feel empowered and light again.

I’m happy to say I had a breakthrough while completing your course. Within 2 months, I was finally pregnant! This journey has been one I will never forget!”

— Jessica L.

Get access now!


Who is this workshop for?

If you have been TTC:


I know you’ve only been TTC for a few months, but your big desire for this baby is valid. And honestly, I would have done ANYTHING to discover a workshop like this. It would have saved me years of suffering.


Maybe you’re at a point where you don’t know what’s next. IUI, IVF…keep trying naturally? Either way, limbo feels like shit. Get some clarity about what YOU want and need right now at this point in your fertility journey.


Many women come to me after they’ve tried it all. They’ve invested time, money and energy and are at a loss of what’s next. All I can say is what you will experience in this workshop will be brand new and fill you with incredible hope and excitement about your future.


Going through fertility treatments.

Want to increase your fertility naturally.


“Just wanted to share with you how very thankful I am for you and your program because I just found out that I am PREGNANT! This program has absolutely changed my life and I couldn’t have done this without you!

After a year and a half of trying everything imaginable, this was the first cycle I really gave up everything I had been trying before and just let the universe take over—no obsessing and here we are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get here! You are changing lives with the beautiful work you do and I am eternally grateful!”

— Alana K.

“I just found out that I am PREGNANT! This program has absolutely changed my life...”

“After just over 2 months working with Spenser I became pregnant.”

“Have you ever been in a spot where you’ve tried everything imaginable to solve a problem and nothing seems to be working? You’re spending all your time, worry and hard earned money trying to get the the thing you can see so clearly in your mind but keeps eluding you. That is how I was feeling on my fertility journey before I found Spenser. After just over 2 months working with Spenser I became pregnant.”

— Brittany K.

Exclusive Workshop

With Certified Life Coach and Top-Rated Podcaster, Spenser Brassard

You belong here, mama-bear.

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